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May 25, 2019

For the average Canadian family, their largest monthly expense is their rent or mortgage payment, and unless they have a very expensive car, their second biggest expense is often food.

If you have a limited income, how can you manage your food budget effectively?

Is it possible eat healthy without breaking the bank?


May 18, 2019

You’ve got debt, you think you might need to file a consumer proposal or go bankrupt, but you’re worried, because you travel for your job, or you have a family vacation booked, and you are worried that if you are bankrupt you may get stopped at the border.

Is that a thing?

Can you travel while you are...

May 11, 2019

When I ask my clients “what happened; how did you get into so much debt?”, they tell me that the credit card company offered them a credit limit increase on their credit card, so they took it.  Or, they offered me a line of credit, so I took it.

Makes sense; if someone offers you something, you take it.

But is it...

May 4, 2019

When Sears went bankrupt and the employees discovered they wouldn’t get their full pensions, there was an understandable outcry, and many people has said that the solution is to make pensions the first creditor to be paid in a bankruptcy, ahead of the banks.

That sounds good, but that policy may cause some...