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Apr 27, 2019

Debts arising from the failure of a business is a common reason that someone may have to file a personal bankruptcy.

That’s not surprising; you borrow money personally to invest in a business, it doesn’t work out, you’re left with the debt, so you file bankruptcy.  I’ve personally done hundreds of bankruptcies...

Apr 20, 2019

There is a lot of bad credit and debt advice out there.  We see it on YouTube, and Twitter, and Reddit, and in personal finance blogs.  And it seems that one of the most popular areas to give bad advice is on how to improve your credit score.

So, today, Scott Terrio and I are going to share and debunk the bad advice you...

Apr 13, 2019

Getting a copy of your credit report and credit score for free, from one of those "credit monitoring" services, can be very expensive.

On today's show I rant about why I don't like those services, and I give practical advice on how and when to monitor your credit score.

Apr 6, 2019

Today’s episode is a quick “Technical Tidbits” edition where we answer one question from our listeners.

The short answer is yes, it is possible for a collection agency to take you to court, but it’s not a common occurrence.  We explain when they are most likely to take you to court, and what your option are if...