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Aug 27, 2016

This is our final "best of" show of the summer, and it's a doozy: my interview with Hilliard Macbeth (you can find the original show notes on our is the Canadian real estate bubble about to burst page) is the most downloaded show of 2016.

Why is a show on debt and real estate our most downloaded show?  I think it's...

Aug 20, 2016

As I said on this show, Robert Brown's book Wealthing Like Rabbits contains the best first chapter in any personal finance book I have ever read.  (If you haven't read the book, you should).  This show is a rebroadcast from earlier this year.  You can read the full show notes on our Change Your Debt Perspective page.

Aug 13, 2016

David Trahair is a CPA and prolific writer.  Today's show is a rebroadcast of his first appearance on Debt Free in 30, back in early 2015, where we talked about his book Crushing Debt: Why Canadians Should Drop Everything and Pay Off DebtYou can read the full show notes on our show notes page for Crushing Debt....

Aug 6, 2016

Today's show is a rebroadcast from Season #1.  It's one of our most down-loaded shows, because it answers a common question: Should I pay down my debt, or contribute to my RRSP?  The answer is not always obvious.

We all know that investing in an RRSP generates a tax refund.  If you are in the 40% tax bracket, a $1,000...