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Dec 30, 2017

What will happen in 2018 that could water the seeds of a financial crisis? Ted Michalos and Doug Hoyes believe there are three big stories to watch in 2018:

  1. Minimum wage going up in Ontario from $11.60 to $14.00, effective January 1st. This means any employer that is already marginal or has very tight margins is...

Dec 23, 2017

On today’s podcast we explain how, even though your house may have increased in value, if you don’t have enough cash to meet your monthly expenses, you are house rich but cash poor.

We give four tips to avoid being house poor.  The most important tip: decide what kind of life you want, and use that decision to...

Dec 16, 2017

Every year, the focus of the holiday season is on consumerism and the need to spend money on the perfect gifts, the perfect decorations and creating the perfect dinner. And every year, Canadians end up spending too much money, putting them at risk for financial difficulties once the holiday season is over.

On today's...

Dec 9, 2017

Should you ever loan money to family and friends? It’s a tough question. Some of you might say, “sure, why not?” And others might think, “Maybe just to family.”

Well, if you do decide to loan money, I’d recommend asking yourself this question: Do I have to borrow money to do it?

If you do have to borrow to...

Dec 2, 2017

On today's show, I review 10 personal finance books that would make great gifts and/or would be a great start to your own personal finance library. All 10 books are listed below, with the time stamp from the podcast, if you wish to jump ahead and listen to my comments on a particular book:

General Money Management

  1. The...