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Apr 27, 2024

Doug and Ted sit down to chat about the 2024 federal budget. Believe it or not Doug actually read the entire budget! They discuss taxes, what a budget means, making tax filing automatic, government single sign-in portal, reducing CRA call centre wait times, NSF fees, free and affordable bank accounts, cell phone charges, credit reports, and payday loans. They also get into detail about how credit for paying rent will impact Canadians.




00:00 Documentary announcement


02:37 Why should you care about the Federal budget?


03:00 Taxes


06:28 What is a budget?


08:07 Automatic tax filing for low-income Canadians


10:29 Single sign in portal for government services


11:35 Reduce CRA call centre wait times


12:07 NSF Fees


14:23 Free and affordable bank accounts


17:47 Cell phone fees


18:38 Credit for paying rent


24:12 Credit utilization for rent


26:10 Student housing


27:45 Credit bureaus


29:03 Payday loans


29:55 Final thoughts


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